Emergency numbers

Emergency phrases and medical terms in French and Dutch:

  • Accident: Accident / Ongeluk
  • Emergency: Urgence / Spoedgeval
  • Ambulance: Ambulance / Ziekenwagen
  • Doctor: Médécin / Doctor
  • Police: Police / Politie
  • Extremely ill: Très malade / Heel ziek 
  • I need an ambulance: J’ai besoin d’une ambulance / Ik heb een ziekenwagen nodig.
  • I need a doctor: Il me faut un médécin / Ik heb een doctor nodig
  • I need the police: J’ai besoin de la police Ik heb de politie nodig

Pan-European number for all emergencies

Call: 112www.sos112.be

This emergency number can be called anywhere in the European Union (EU) for free, plus certain other countries such as Israel, Norway and Russia. You should only call in emergency situations. You can also call 112 for serious accidents, if someone needs to be pulled from a vehicle, if a dangerous big animal escapes, such as a horse or snake, or to clear a road after a storm. The unique benefit of the 112 number is that it can be called from any telephone, including mobiles without a SIM.

Fire, medical emergency or ambulance in Belgium 

Call: 100


Call: 101www.police.be

Fire brigade 

Call: 100www.frcspb.be

Red Cross ambulance

Call: 105www.croix-rouge.be (French) | www.rodekruis.be (Dutch) | Help and intervention in case of diaster.

Anti-poison centre

Telephone: 070 245 245www.poisoncentre.be | 24/7 urgent medical aid and advice on drugs, medication, poisons and etc.

Bank card lost or stolen

Cardstop 070 344 344 and Mijn kaart | Belgium’s national service can cancel bank and credit cards 24/7.

Lost and stolen Belgian IDs, passports and residence permits

Block your documents by calling the government service DocStop |

Call: 00800 2123 2123 | 24/7

Gas and electricity emergencies

Call you area provider for emergency information or 0800 87 870 for gas smells | Brussels (Sibelga): No electricity, call 02 274 4066 or see power cuts in Brussels. | If you smell gas, call 0800 1940.

Government information

Rijksoverheid 1400 | From abroad +31 77 4656 767online | Twitter @Rijksoverheid

Information directories

French 1307 | Dutch 1207 | Golden Pages Belgium | White Pages Belgium

Hospitals doctors

If you need to contact an on-call doctor in Antwerp, call: +32 (0) 900 10 512. 

You should also be aware of the different hospital groups that exist in Antwerp. The biggest is the Antwerp Hospital Network (Dutch), though there are others: