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Antwerp low-emission zone: from 1 February 2017

From 1 February 2017, the city of Antwerp will introduce a low-emission zone in the core city and on the left bank. In this area, the most polluting vehicles will be banned to improve local air quality and thus the health of residents and visitors.


In which area?

The low emission zone comprises the area between the Ring and the Scheldt on the right bank and the area between the Scheldt, E17, Park and Ride Left bank and Sint-Annabos on the left bank. The Singel is part of the low emission zone. The zone is indicated with a separate traffic sign.

For which vehicles?

In general, passenger cars that run on petrol or natural gas and were sold after 1992 are still allowed in the low emission zone. For diesel cars, almost all cars after 2005 are still allowed in the city, as well as cars that were produced after the year 2000 and are fitted with a soot filter.

View here if your car can enter.

The access conditions of the low emission zone always apply: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The low emission zone does not apply to mopeds and motorcycles.